Company Particulars

Peter Anak Saba

Company Direct & Share Holder

James John Anak Assan

Company Direct & Share Holder

Tham Chin Chu

Company Secretary

Andy Chia & Co.

Audit Firm

Company Organization

Our Business Model Structure

Business Analysis & Structure

Our dedicated frontliner management team consists of personnel from different background of engineering, construction and logistics will analyse a business model based on RFQ, ITB etc. received., to clearly identify all risks associated, financial analysis, best practical method of execution selection, quality management, HSE etc. with reference to company’s capability and deliverables.

Business Implementation & Execution

Upon awarded, a company will established a line of PMT to execute the tasks given by Clients. Extensive planning, execution, supervison and budget monitoring will be carried out to ensure projects or tasks are execute properly as per agreed schedule, budget, quality and regulatory or standard.

Business Completion Review & Close Out

It is our culture in the company to ensure each completed projects or tasks to be reviewed it’s circle of perfomance. This to ensure that the project meets its objective; as well to establish a lesson learned within the company management & staffs for a better future undertaking.

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